Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Night on the Las Vegas Strip

Hank and I had a wonderful day and night on the strip. We visited the new South Point casino, which was still in progress. Very nice place!
Of course, we walked through the Bellagio. Then watched the water dance across the pond with music, with the Effiel Tower in the background.
The last place we visited was Caesars' Palace, we walked around all the shops, the watched the ceiling with clouds. Very nice evening with my husband.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Rain Forrest Cafe

During our travels last July, we were driving through the Badlands and saw a 2007 Dynasty similar to ours. We introduced ourselves to Vicki and Lee, and they were kind enough to give us a tour of their RV. They too were fulltimers traveling across America. They showed us their cabinets Shaun had made for them, hence the visit to Shaun Cabinets in Oregon.
We have emailed, and they were catching a flight out of Vegas this am. We met them on the strip and went to MGM, to the Rain Forrest Cafe for dinner, then Starbucks for coffee. We had a lovely time with new friends, Fulltiming!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Qualifying Night at the Races

Friday, Hank and I attended the races...the biggest show there were the F-16 & F/A 18 constantly flying over the race track. Nellis Air Force Base is next to the race track. We saw approximately 8 planes in the air at one time and flew into the night time hours. What an enjoyable day!! Hank has been coming out to Vegas about 25yrs. to see these races, I guess we have to continue the tradition. This was my 3yr. year- ROOKIE! We spoke with Chip Ellis, he rides a Buell motorcycle, he ended up #1 with a time of 7.04, which is really awesome! really fast!

This is Melanie Troxel in her top fuel car, she came in 5th. I'm sure today she will be working hard to improve that to #1.

Later at the race track, I found Melanie Troxel on hand to talk and take pictures. She is driving a top fuel race car this year, but is going to switch over to a Funny Car next year! I also talked with Ashley Force, and she said her Dad would be attending the race to watch his team.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Freemont Street NHRA night

Downtown on Freemont Street, the alley was filled with NHRA fans, welcoming the top 4 winners in all classes. They had a really neat ceiling show, just for NHRA fans, complete with a dragster racing upon the ceiling. Very cool. My picture looks bad because it was all the way across the ceiling. The had a great band, of course, gambling and dinner. Looking forward to the races this weekend starting tomorrow night.

Hank having a little bit of fun at the slot machines...25 cents, right??

Kurt Johnson unveiled his new car tonight. Big Deal with AC Delco.

Cirque Du Soleil

Last night Hank and I decided to have a "Night on the Town." We headed down to the Strip. We parked at the MGM and took a stroll with a million other people not really a million but our RV is sitting right under the path of incoming planes and they land atleast every 5mins. all night long. So, you imagine how many people are here in Vegas. Then we did a little gambling, we both won $10. big bucks so we quit while we were ahead (haha). Then we caught a very interesting show, these shows are very hard to watch just one thing, there are so many things going on at one time.
We had a great time! Tonight, we are going down to Freemont Street...stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Red Rock Canyon

Today we went to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It had a 13 mile drive around the park that had a lot of bikes and hikers enjoying the place. It was a very pretty drive that took you up through the canyon and over the mountains of the park. It is a place that was well worth the time to see. Very colorful mountains and long valleys.

Monday, October 22, 2007

God has truly watched over us in our travels.

When two weeks after we crossed the 35w, it collapsed! We know God was truly with us. He has so blessed us in our travels. Last week we were in San Diego, right in the path of the Fires. 250,000 people have been evacuated! I just wanted to share with all of you how blessed we are. Everyday Hank and I thank God for being with us during our travels.

Lake Mead and Hoover Dam

Monday-Hank and I decided to pack a picnic and drive over to Hoover Dam. Along the way, I looked out the window and saw a herd of wild sheep. If you enlarge the picture, you will see the huge rams on two of them. We continued our drive and there was new construction going on-a new bridge will go over the water instead driving over the dam itself. We took a picture of the backside of the dam. We were in Arizona!
The last picture is very depressing. That is Lake Mead! The drought has effected this lake tremendously. It is down atleast 100'. What will the people of Nevada and Arizona do if it drys up?? There is nothing but desert out here.
We stopped and had our lunch on the shoreline (which was a long way from water).
We had another beautiful day discovering God's creations.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of the dinosaurs, 150 million years ago. The colors were fabulous! The sand on the ground was red! We enjoyed walking through the state park. Note: the Indian markings on one of the rocks Hank and I found on our hike.

Shelby Cobra

If you double click this picture to enlarge it, you will see a lot full of blue 2008
Cobra's. Hank and I took the tour through the assembly plant. Later, I went swimming and then cooked out. What a great day!

I thought this Cobra was pretty awesome, polished chrome!

The Blue Cobra is the very first Cobra made by Carrol Shelby in the early 60's. Pretty awesome!

Friday, October 19, 2007

In & Out

All you guys that know Hank understand what the In & Out Burgers are?? He has to go there atleast once while in Nevada. His favorite burger place...except maybe Wendys. (hahahaha)

Las Vegas

I know Grammie is a Grumpy Ole Lady at times, but I wanted to show the grand-kids, I bought a pumpkin and even put a smiley face on it!! It is sitting by the front door so everyone can see....Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Las Vegas Oasis RV Resort

We arrived in Las Vegas today and will here for 2 wks. We are excited to be here. We have a lot to do and many things planned. Stay tunned!

Friday, October 12, 2007

WWII Air Museum

Last night was not good at the Corbitts'. I woke up around 2pm with my knee swollen and couldn't put pressure on it. I pulled out my ole knee brace and ole lady walking cane. I iced it all night and some improvement. If not better by Monday, I will see Dr. in Vegas.
With my brace on, I could get around so Hank and I decided to go see the local Air Museum. It was so far the best museum we have seen since traveling. They had a huge library,books & videos from WWII. They had many air planes, cars, fire trucks, and planes from Europe. Articles from Germany and Europe! All the local newspapers! They had many personal articles like Bob Hope golf clubs and things he wore during USO tours. His home was located just up the road from airport here. Anyway, we had a very enjoyable morning watching videos, looking at planes, reading newspaper stories.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Joshua Tree National Park

We went on another smaller hike and found a really cool Oasis, it is under those trees which is a rare find in the desert.

When we arrived at the park, it was probably around 65 degrees. We did a small hike up around some rocks. It really nice! We had backpacked a lunch and found a great picnic table under some rocks with one tree. Actually very cool. As we continued to drive down into the valley, the temperatures started to climb to about 75.

Hank and I drove over to Joshua Tree N.P.. What is it? It is a desert with rocks, mountains, Joshua trees (like in the picture), yucca plants, cactus and lots of sand.

Palm Springs, California

We rode our bikes around the town to check things out. This was a building in the middle of a shopping center that started ringing its bell as we rode by.

We drove over to Palm Springs via I-10, along the way we passed about 1,000 windmills on the mountains, in the valley and on the hills. They were all moving too!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Tijuana Mexico

Hank and I got up fairly early this am to catch a bus to Tijuana. Our bus driver was Juan, imagine that! He drove us to the Avenida Revolucion. I was deeply sadden by the Country of Mexico. The average pay is $6.00 a day for a worker! Many business from the US were located there. We drove through the old and new. Prices on anything you wanted lowered quickly, they just wanted a sale. The worst part to me was the zebras and donkeys on the side walk. They were made to be stationary for tourist pictures. They never got to walk around, they just stood there all day. I wanted to cry! We are glad we went, but we probably will never go back. The other picture is of the border on the Mexican side. You have to wait up to 3hrs. to get across. The line went on and on!
We leave tomorrow for Palm Springs. I will be glad to be on the road again.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coronado Island

Today Hank and I went to Coronado Island. We looked at warships in the Harbor. The Midway was so big sitting there with WWII planes sitting upon the decks. There was a neat statue of a Navy Sailor and his lady in the park. It was huge! I will post pictures tomorrow. We also saw the Coronado Hotel, very old. Tomorrow we go to Mexico! It is late and we still have to watch the NHRA races. NIGHT!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

San Diego Zoo

It is so hard to choose from all the pictures Hank and I took. But my favorite were the two polar bears playing together with a beach ball and the Hippo's sitting next to each other with their eyes closed probably wishing we would disappear. Of course, Katherine and I always love any kind of "kitty cats" so I had to post the Jaguar. He was pacing back and forth. We took a bus tour through the park, then the sky ride over the park. It was a great day until about noon when all the kiddies starting showing up everywhere screaming!! That should teach us not to go to a zoo on Saturday.

Friday, October 5, 2007

San Diego

What a view over looking the cliffs at Point Loma.

We arrived in San Diego, 8 miles from Mexico. We took a nice drive out to Point Loma to Cabrillo National Park. As we looked down from the high cliffs, we saw a submarine pop up, then escorted into the harbor by the coast guard. We walked up the hill and saw a very cute lighthouse. Then drove down to the coast to view a tidal pool and the cliffs of rock. The wind was howling and the waves were very high.

I was glad to leave L.A. I didn't like it there (sorry)! We felt like we were always looking over our shoulders. To top it all off, minutes before we were getting ready to leave, I took Buddy to go potty and as we rounded a corner a Boxer jump out and attacked Buddy. Their leashes tangled and I tried to kick the other dog off Buddy and fell down on the pavement HARD. UGH. He is ok but doesn't want to go outside and Mommy is bruised.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno

Hank and I started off the day with going down to Hollywood to see the Chinese Theater and walk of fame. There is block after block of stars on the sidewalk, we walked up one side and down the other. I can't believe all the stars' names. Bob Hope, Red Button, Lucille Ball, Gregory Peck, Lassie, Carol Burnett, Gene Autrey, I could go on forever. There were so many.

Yes, Hank and I got prior tickets to the tonight show. We went down and stood in line for a couple of hours just to make sure we got in to see the show. It will show later tonight with Guest Tom Selleck who is now on Vegas, a guy named Carlos, who is in the new movie with Ben Stiller. Ed Ashner, from Mary Tyler Moore show and finally Willie Nelson with his sister, Billie. Hank and I had a great time!

Anaheim, California

Hank and I arrived in Anaheim late this afternoon. We are just up the road from Disneyland. We happen to be close to a couple of things so we jumped into the car and ran over to "The John Force" NHRA building...Hank was excited.

It was closed on Tuesday, such disappointment, but atleast we got a picture.

Next, a block away from our RV site Crystal Cathedral, Wow it was awesome!! Bigger than I thought. The landscape and sculptures were gorgeous! Wait to you hear where we are going tomorrow, stay tuned......

Monday, October 1, 2007

Morro Bay and Pismo Beach

Our first stop of the day was Morro Bay. There was this huge rock right in the middle of the bay (kinda like stone mountain). We drove out to the bottom of it, which has been turned into a park. Very nice! We climbed on the rocks and got splashed by the ocean waves. Then we went to a nice little bistro and sat outside for lunch. A very gorgeous day.

Our second beach stop was Pismo Beach. There really isn't much beach anywhere along the coast, just rocks and steep cliffs. Very beautiful, but not the beaches I am use to on the Eastern coastline.

Today, we took a southern drive down the coast to Pismo Beach. We saw unusal squirrels hanging around on the rocks. If you look real hard or enlarge the picture you will see one. The were loads of them with little tunnels under the rocks. There were no trees around, so I don't know what they eat. This one was sun bathing.