Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

We had a very busy Thanksgiving Day! We started the day by playing pickleball at
8am. Then we went to the Santan Room for Thanksgiving lunch. It was pretty darn good.
After lunch, we watch Len Roberts perform for 2 hours. He impersonated Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Red Buttons, played instruments and sang. He was really awesome.
We finished up the evening going to Bob and Marlene's for desert. We played Pegs & Jokers, came home and went to bed.

Couples Pickleball round robin

For the last couple of Sundays, I haven't been feeling very well. So, I enlisted a friend of ours, Edie to play pickleball with Hank on Sundays. They have been having a great time playing.

Spanky enjoying Sunbeams

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visit with Great Friends

Today we met up with our friends, Debbie and Doug. They were heading home to Florida for the winter months. We enjoyed our lunch at Chili's and talking over Rv travels.
We hope to meet up with them again next year either in Florida or at the Drag Races.
Anyway, we had a great time! Have safe travels!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome Home Party

You know, I believe retirees use any excuse to have a party. Yesterday, the "welcome Home" party was just a get together of people in the park. There was a band and a place to dance. All food, beer, coolers, hot dogs etc..were $1. You got to meet department heads and learn about the new activities in the park.
I volunteered to blow up balloons that morning and there is a picture of 1/2 of them.
That was fun and got to meet some new people.
We had a nice time.
Later, Hank and Edie played partners in the couples pickleball round robin. They did great!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It is shocking to see Hummingbirds in November but I really have been enjoying them.
Yesterday, we looked outside to see a Finch drinking the sugar water. It was cute!
I guess it is so dry, they need water too!

55+ Community

I guess you guys wonder what Hank and I do all day that I don't post very often anymore. Our days start really early!!
6:00am Breakfast
7:30am Pickleball (fun)
10:00am Pickleball round robins (boys or girls) we alternate days
12:00pm Lunch
run errands
2-4:00 Water volley ball
5:00pm cocktail hour somewhere
6-9pm card games or board games
Now just for the fun of it..Hank volunteers on Tuesday to be a Ranger, he parks the Rv's that come into the park. Golf is worked in as a sub, when we can.
He also volunteers to be a captain of men's "B" pickleball to run round robin on Mondays.
Lillie is volunteering to help with party on Sunday to welcome back all residents here at the park for the winter. It is non stop from the time we get up until we go to sleep.
Last night "Pickleball Patti" that green puppet was introduced as mascot for Palm Creek!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pegs and Jokers

Last night we played Pegs and Joker, this was a learning night for Peggy and Jim.
Tonight we will get serious!! Rod and Jean just arrived in their RV Friday. Bob and Marlene are the only ones parking their RV and camped out in a new home until spring.
Alot of fun! See everyone Sunday!

I thought this was funny

Three weeks ago, we went to Home depot. They were selling tomato plants in October. I bought this little guy to put in with my flowers. Look how it has grown and has 5 tomato already showing. It is so weird. Here it is November 9th.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Volleyball social hour

While Hank is away, I attended social hour for all the Volleyball players and spouses. It is funny how different people look dressed up after only seeing them with their bathing suits.

Had a great time but forgot to take more pictures...sorry.

Hank heading for Tennessee

Sunday at 3:30am, I drove Hank to the airport. Lucky him! He gets to go home and I am stuck here with 90 degree weather, swimming, games, pickleball etc... what will he do at home??

He will return on Friday, I miss him already!