Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Debbie and Craig having a Potato party

What is a potato Party? Everyone brings the toppings to go on a big potato. There were also sweet potato's with brown sugar etc...

This was a very cool night for us, but turn on the heaters, pour a good wine and you never knew it was cold.

Lillie taking classes!

I am having a great time taking beading classes with the girls.

I have made some beautiful bracelets and looking forward to using all the beads Debbie gave me!!

Party at Tom and Elaine's

Great get together! Tom caught a tremendous amount of fish up in Washington state this past summer and we all enjoyed the variety of fish and the fixings to go with them. Thanks Tom and Elaine.

Palm Creek

Our spot is all done in Palm Creek and we are really enjoying it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Nolan is becoming quiet the drag racer!!

Hank's visit with Family

Hank had a great time enjoying the leaves changing color. Watching Aiden playing soccer and taking Aiden and Nolan to Goofy Golf.

Today Volley Ball League started

I thought I would wake up all the old people.

The new me! LOL.

The Man Cave takeover

While Hank for gone, the girls took over the man cave making jewelry. So, we saw these airplanes that needed a little decorating. The beads look great, don't they??

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sand storm a brewing

Today a sand storm is coming across the cotton fields. You can't even see Palm Creek. It is suppose to get pretty bad today!!Such fun! Hatches are button down.

Pulling $100. slot machines in Vegas

52 people donated $100 each trying to win the big money. We each got several pulls, credits keep accumulating but we ended with $30. bucks .

Oh well, we had a great time.