Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bow Wow Show

Well over 200 people attended the Bow Wow Show on the Pet side of the park. All you had to do was dress your dog, walk across a stage (they could do tricks).
Poor Buddy had re-injured his back and couldn't walk, so he missed it. I know he would have gotten 1st place for the prettiest dog.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Volleyball Party

I know, another party! They seem endless (lol). But how can you not go outside, by the pool with 78 degrees? huh!
Always a great time with my Volleyball Friends.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras Party

Between the masks, the beads, the king cake, the great Jumbalaya, and gumbo, we didn't need to be in New Orleans! What a great time with about 40 people!

Then to top off the evening, there was Karaoake. What singing!

This a catch up Post

Well...our TV lift wouldn't rise! Then to top it off, to get to the electrical stuff (which was behind the TV) we had to remove the bracket, the ceiling, the TV and just about anything else that was in the way!(lol) Hank finally, after waiting 2 wks for a part was able to repair and reinstall. Yea Hank!

Then for Valentine's Day, Hank got me some beautiful Roses. I got him a balloon.

Things are great here, weather is in the 70's.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Party 2010

Whenever there is an excuse for a party, we will get together and last night was no exception. We attended a superbowl party with so much food, I got a belly ache. It was all great.It had rained in the morning and the wind picked up so it was cool once the sun went down.The best part of last night, everyone put money in a pot and guessed the score. I guessed the score 31-17 and won the big pot of $40.

Have a great week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cancer Awareness Month

This weekend has been very busy. Everything has been done with a donation to The Cancer Society. Friday night was very moving! We drove Bonnie & Gordon up to see the luminaria lights (over 4,000) set up all through the park. Each had a name of someone you knew written on the bags with beautiful pictures or whatever. It was very emotional strolling throughtout the walkways with all the cancers names.

Saturday, we watched the cancer walk with motorcycles, golf carts, bikes, and of course walkers. We cheered them on as they proceeded to go around the park.

Saturday night we headed over to Bob & Marlene's for some pegs & jokers.

Today is the big super bowl game! I am sure pictures will be posted later.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A day for bird watching

Today Hank and I came across some interesting birds, to see them better if they are dark, (click on the picture to enlarge)it was overcast.
The first one is an owl in the ground, he is holding up building a street.He is across from our RV Resort.
The second is a road runner going aross the wall beside our RV.

Softball Game

Every Tuesday and Thursday there is several softball games held here at the park. There are 5 huge RV parks close by and they come here to play. Palm Creek has the only ball park. But the main attraction is their hamburgers. We decided to go watch the game and try them out...they were huge and cooked on the grille right when you order. Great! Great games too!

Good Friends

In Indiana, months ago my girlfriend, Debbie had the neatest little basket for plastic utensils. It was a Longaberger Basket! I wasn't aware of these handmade, signed baskets made in Ohio until then. Well, I have looked everywhere including Katherine's stash (in the basement), gargage sales, on-line etc... Yesterday, I received a surprise packet with the cutest basket from Debbie with my very own basket. Thank you!