Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wine and Cheese Party

Yesterday, Hank and Bob Rea played golf. When they returned, Hank had a new vocabulary in Golf. What is Bob doing to my Hank? The stories sounded like "fish stories."
Later in the evening, we went to a wine and cheese party around the pool. When we finished enjoying all the food, we went into the ballroom and heard 3 different comedians. We had a great time with Barb and Bob, and Jerry and Sue (which we celebrating their 44th anniversary).

Home Made Ice Cream

Hank and I have been so busy since we returned to Palm Creek, I haven't had the time to post anything. We play pickle ball at 7, golf, volleyball and then at night different games.
This past week, my volleyball team got together and had home made ice cream. The picture is of some of the guys I play with, believe me these old guys can slam the ball with the best of them!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Home at Palm Creek

We got home around 1pm, started unloading and some friends rode by on their bikes saying, "Lillie it is Volleyball time." So, I turned over the work to Hank and went and played for a couple of hours. It then has become busy busy busy. We had about 10 washes to do to catch up the 2 wks gone. But Hank and I have played pickleball every morning for 2 hours, volleyball, golf (yes golf)we chase each others balls around the course and look alot in creeks. (I now have a ball retriever). More picketball at night...then we crashed.

I got an exciting package from Ansley and Gabe...see the Plate they made for me sitting in the window. THANK YOU. You are the best grandchildren ever!! Grammie loves you.

The other picture is our winter home. Everything is all set up! I don't have to move again until we come home. Can you see the cute balloon flag on front I got at the balloon rally??

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday night-Monday morning

Driving through Apache Sitgreaves National Forest was gorgeous and we felt Fall in the air. The colors were fabulous! We stopped for the night at Hon Dah Casino. We ate at the buffet, which was horrible. We then played penny slots and I won $1.50. Later we play Pegs and Jokers with Bob and Marlene. I think the men's ego has gotten way out of hand winning. The temperatures dropped to 19 degrees. WOW. Driving the switchbacks through the mountains were slow...can you see Bob driving down the mountain?
We are back home at Palm Creek.

Sunday-travels home El Malpais National Monument

High winds cancelled our last day at the Balloon Rally, so we headed home following Marlene and Bob. We stopped in El Malpais. Lava rocks are everywhere and hardened lava flows covered the ground. We hiked a trail leading to atleast 8 lava falls, which is a whole in the ground like where Hank is standing. We then checked out the La Ventana Natural Arch.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday-view of the vendors and people

Saturday-Balloon Fiest Rally

We again arose early, before the sun and headed down the field to see the dawn patrol. The winds were so strong they cancelled all events. So, we walked down the main street and did a little shopping. Watching the people, tasting the foods. We followed up with grocery shopping. We got back to the RV just in time for a heavy duty rain shower. Winds were very gusty! After dinner the rains stopped, we played Pegs and Joker with Marlene and Bob until 10pm. Still a very long day!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sandia Peak Tramway

Hank and I thought we do a little side trip and be back by 5pm. This is the world's longest tramway. It climbs to 10,378 with a great observation deck viewing The Land of Enchantment!! Yea Right!! The wind was strong going up but coming down... we stood in line around 3:30. It was 5:30 before we got down the mountain. The winds were so strong they cancelled anymore people coming up. There we well over 200 people still left up there and they were thinking about stopping the tram. Our friends, Sharon, Ann and David still hadn't showed up by the time we left. They had gone hiking. Diane, Hank and I were so happy to get down the tram. What an experience!

El Pinto-Lunch

We all had lunch at El Pinto, great Mexican Food! The place was HUGE. It held 1200 people. Now that is a Great Mexican place to eat.

Friday continues...Balloon Fiest

We are parked by the Balloon Museum so Hank and I walked over to view everything. Very interesting, alot of History!!

Rise and Shine, day 2 (Friday)

Dawn Patrol again at 5:45am then the special Shape Mass Ascension. The picture is Hank's favorite drink PEPSI..and the kissing bumble bee which seperate.

Then the Flying Events & grab prize. There are 5 pole with envelopes on the end. 600 balloons come sweeping over you and drop a flour bag near flags (prize for that) but the big prize if you can get an envelope which might win you a car. 2 balloonist got 2 envelopes. That was awesome.

Special shape Glowdeo (thurs. nite)

After all the things we have done and seen today, it is not over. The balloons come back on the field, all of them, blow up their balloons and sit on the field and wait until dark. Of course, there are vendors, concerts, food and the people watching. Then all of sudden all the burners would run at the same time and the field would light up. Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Then to complete the night, there were fireworks!! Can you believe all this??

Meanwhile back at the RV's

It is already happy hour again (4:30)! Again what a spread our hostess lays out before us, and the people gather to eat and drink.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lunch at the Tanoan Country Club

Lunch was very good and we sat with a couple from England, Anne and David. They come over for 3 months and leave their RV in whatever state they are in at the time. 2 women who use to be bus drivers, and a couple from Houston, and the BD girl, Marlene and Bob. NICE LUNCH!

Happy Birthday Marlene

Happy Birthday Marlene, just in case someone forgot to tell you!!!!!

The backyard view of the Landings!!

Right behind and beside all these beautiful RV's, the balloons are landing!!
All of this just the first morning! I can't wait until this evening with fireworks and special lightings.

A video from our RV

Special Shape Mass Ascension

Just a few of the 75 special shapes.

Dawn Patrol (2nd day)

Dawn patrol had Hank and I up around 5am...walking out to enjoy the Breakfast Burritto, coffee and the rising of the dawn patrol. These 6 balloons or more, go up and check out the winds etc... awesome wake up call.

Monaco Balloon Fiesta Welcome Party

We arrived safely to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! There are 79 Monaco's Parked together, with 1 space used for parties!! Our first gattering was a cocktail party with lots of food and visiting with old friends and making new friends. We met Dave & Marie from way back 2 years ago in Knoxville,Tn. (with daughter & son-in-law)and Bob & Marlene (2 years ago)Titusville, Fla. Of course by tomorrow, we will have some new friends being parked to closely together. I am awake at 3am...I guess I am excited about the DAWN patrol. I will be down at the launch site with camera in hand at 5:45 watching the first lift off! I am sure the next few days will provided some beautiful pictures. The fly right over our RV's!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Bat Flight

What an awesome evening watching 300 to 400 thousand bats leave their cave at sunset to go look for food! This was truly amazing...the noise was high pitched, and you could hear their wings flapping right above you! Very cool.

Carlsbad Caverns N. P.

Rising early this morning, Hank and I had reservations for a guided tour at the caverns. We descended 754',then proceeded on a grand tour of a windy chamber, called the left hand tunnel. We had to carry our own candles. We saw cave pools, bat homes, stalactites, stalagmite, draperies, crystals and much more. This lasted about 2hrs. then we proceeded on our own through the BIG ROOM. This was huge, over 8.2 acres alone! This was totally amazing. We had a great time, we are worn out!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

UFO Museum, Roswell, N.M.

Hank and I have a list of things we want to see in our lifetime. Not that we will see everything, but this was on Hank's list-UFO's!! We drove up to Roswell to the Museum. When you see the pictures up close, it is obviously planes, helicopters or missles. Anyway, we can cross this one off our list!! p.s. we got rain today, we hadn't seen rain in 6 months.

Friday, October 3, 2008

White Sands Missile Range, N. M.

Established in 1945, the White Sands Missile Range is America's largest overland military test range. Some of the missles we saw, were head scratchers. The first atomic bomb was tested at Trinity Site on July 16, 1945. It was cool to see the Patriot missle used in Desert Storm. We had an interesting time at this museum. The security was still very tight to get on the base, that is a good thing!

Afterwards, we stopped and had an enjoyable picnic on our way home.

White Sands National Monument, N. M.

Hank and I are on the road again, with our first stop in Las Cruces. We drove over to the White Sands Dune. 275 Square miles of white gypsum, the largest field in the world. Just beautiful!! Climbing the dunes was fun, coming down them laughable.