Monday, August 31, 2009

7th day-Indy

Well today was very exciting! I woke up and had red streaks up both legs from my ankles to my thighs. After getting 2 other nurses opinions, Hank and I headed towards the hospital. Guess what? After waiting in the waiting room, sitting in the triage, then waiting on the Dr. the marks started to fade. 2 hrs. later when Dr. arrived, they were both gone and he said, go home! Isn't God amazing? Right before we left the RV, everyone said they would pray for me...prayers work, I promise.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

6th day-Sunday-Indy

Good Sunday! We all went to Church this morning, then Applebee's for lunch. When we returned home, the projects started. Beth learned to knit, Debbie relearned crocheting, Lillie knitted, Gary washed the mat that goes in the pit, Doug drained the oil in the generator and Hank quilted. He is doing such a great job! He is making me a tote bag.

Saturday Evening with Friends

What a nice evening with friends. We cooked hamburgers, hotdogs, had potatoe salad, lots and lots of baked beans, and for desert, Debbie and I made homemade ice cream and boy was it great! We sat around the table with some very entertaining "fish" and "chicken" stories. Here is a list of star attractions on last nights bill:
Mark and Pam, Debbie and Doug, Mickey and Beth, Robbie and Mike, Gary, and Lillie and Hank.

5th day Quilting Lessons

Well, Debbie wore me out with knitting(kidding) so she moved on to Hank. This morning bright and early they headed into the shop to set up the sewing maching, opened quilting books, cut materials. After 2 hrs. of lesson 101, they headed to Joanne's! OH NO! I decided I better tag along. Hank bought some tools, batting and materials.
He and I are coming away from Indy loaded with crafts! We thought we had so much extra room on the RV when we head to Arizona, right? NOT.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


You know me, I take pictures everywhere! Well, I took several at dinner but this one seemed the most appropriate. Gary wanted to go eat Sushi tonight. Look at his face, this is what he wanted to eat all week. Doesn't he look happy? Hank is rubbing his hands together but I don't think he is anticipating raw fish. No, he wouldn't even try it. Atleast he isn't eating Wendys' every night.

Friday, August 28, 2009

4th day Indy

Guess what? We went back to Mass Avenue Yarn shop! Debbie and I took Beth with us, I wonder if we bought anything?

3rd day at Indy

Well, lets see...where do I begin. Tux(the dog) got a shampoo. The twins knitted whenever possible but the main thing we decided to have "Girly Time". We went and got a pedicure and manicure, very relaxing.

Meanwhile, back the farm, Hank was having a busy time install a Wii in Doug's RV.
Of course, when they were done they had to try it out. After supper, we all played with alot of giggling going on with the Ole folks!

Last thing that happened before heading to our RV--I opened Deb's refrg. and she had my very favorite desert, baklava. We really have alot in common. So, we had to have a midnight snack.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd Indy Day-girly day

Today Debbie and I did wash. They have a washer and dryer in their shop and she generously washed clothes for the whole team before the next race. WOW! In nothing flat, it was done. She and I decided to go to Mass Ave Knit Shop. It is one of the largest yarn shops I have ever seen. I will be going to the next stage of knitting making a shawl for Momma. Ohhh the yarn there is so gorgeous! I came home with a bag full of yarn.

Next, Debbie and I went to our favorite clothing store Christopher and Banks. Of course, we couldn't resist the bargin sale prices of summer clothes.

Last in our adventure was Panera favorite. I surprised Hank with bringing him home the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel to have for breakfast.

Then at home we sat under the tree with the girls, Robbie, Beth, Debbie and myself, sipping our wine, knitting and rolling yarn.

Great Day!

P.S. Hanks day wasn't as fun. He and Doug took Doug's RV to get a transmission service. 4 hrs. later, $$$$ later, they returned home with empty wallets. (lol)
Later I will tell you about their slide coming out and the chain being broken...until then.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arrived in Indy-1st morning

Well, Debbie and I are comparing knitting and quilting. My teacher wanted to see what I had accomplished while I was healing. I had made 2 scarfs and working on the 3rd one. Debbie was making christmas ornaments. She has so much talent and so creative!

Monday, August 24, 2009

GM Corvette Plant-Bowling Green

This morning Hank and I had a 2hr. tour of the corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Ky. It was really interesting but I can't imagine spending $106,000 for a piece of fiberglass, can you? Anyway, we had an education watching them put together the cars from the very beginning until they drove off the line.

Paducha, Ky.

Yesterday, Hank and I slowly drove to Paducha to check out the National Quilting Museum. The quilts were beautiful! We then took a walk along the Tennessee River to see wall paintings done by locals, very artistic. We watched several barges go up and down the river.
After leaving this quaint little town we headed down the back roads, passing by the Jefferson Davis was huge. The South has risen!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Signal Mtn. Country Club

Had a nice lunch with girlfriends today. Tomorrow we head north for Labor Day, I am so anxious to get back in the RV.

I missed a photo op

My sister-Sue and husband-Steve dropped by for a visit and dinner. We played a couple of games of Hand and Foot. The husband's beat us! Hence, the missed doesn't happen that often when the guys beat the girls, oh well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Hank

What a Turkey? and I don't mean Hank. There was a whole family of turkeys in the backyard until Buddy ran them off. I did get a quick picture. Hank has had a pretty good BD. He opened his cards, played pickleball, went to Momma Anne's for lunch and it isn't even 3pm. He finished it off with a homemade cupcake!! Happy Birthday Hank.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A walk around Harrison Bay Park

Tonight was a little cooler than usual, so Hank and I decided to take a stroll around the lake. What a beautiful evening! We also got to see Bambi up close. He was so cute.

PEO meeting

I know this looks like a KKK meeting but honestly it isn't. We had an initiation in our womens group. PEO stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization, a womens organization founded in 1869 to help women advance in education around the world.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pickleball Wednesday

Hank and I played a little pickleball this morning with friends. It feels so good to be playing any sports at all. Yes Momma's, I am being very careful! I am not playing to hard, Yet.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dinner with friends

Tonight we went to Applebee's for dinner with Tracy, Tony and Michael. It was good to see old friends and hear the Big Fish Stories!

Hanging out with women last night

Last night I went with Judy, Anita and Susan to hear a powerful speaker, Donna Gaines. She has written such books as: "What happens when women pray" and "There's gotta Be more." She spoke about the power of prayer.
I am such a believer in the power of prayer. I know I have been on many prayer lists over the past few years, with care of my husband, and his death. Also, just as recently with my back surgery. Keep on praying my prayer warrior friends.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sundae Ice Cream Social

Today Hank and I went to Sunday School, then Church and this evening we went to an ice cream social. Boy was the homemade ice cream awesome, especially the peach my favorite. We had a really nice day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Atlanta trip to visit my Mom

Yesterday was a big day for me. Hank drove me down to visit with my Mom in Atlanta. It was my first big drive (4hrs.) since my surgery 8 wks. ago. My mom and I had a great time. The picture is outside her apartment. She is the only one who has planted flowers and she is very proud of them. We had a great lunch and a wonderful visit.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Home is where the Heart Is!

We finally picked up the RV from storage and Hank immediately washed & waxed it. It looks beautiful. The roof is the only thing left to wax. But the outside isn't the only project going on...the inside looks like a tornado hit it. He is putting more speakers in the front of the coach under shelves. Also, he moved the Wii so I could get to it a little easier. Hank is in Hog Heaven doing electrical projects! I am sure he will find something else to repair or install while he is under the dash.
We are so excited to know we will be ready to travel at the end of the month. We will head to Indy for the races. I am ready to go now, but I think my enthusiam might wear our welcome out if we get there a month early.
Hank and I have both missed the RV living so much, we actually took a nap out there after working so hard.