Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chili night with friends

Everyone in the picture has been gone in their coaches either to Mexico, California, Quartsite or Yuma. So, it was nice to have everyone back! So many changes about to take place with all our friends in the next few weeks. We wish them all happpiness. Scout was full of energy and watched his Momma and Buddy protected his mommy.
Next time everyone should be rested up and ready for Pegs & Jokers. Welcome Back!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Blankets

Today Hank and I finished up the blankets for Aiden and Nolan, finally. We will be mailing them before the end of the week. I hope they enjoy them as much as Ansley and Gabe like theirs.

Texas Hold'em

Today I had a refresher course on Palm Creek rules on Texas holdem, and Hank learned to play too! He is branching out!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Sunday night workout

Hank and I are both working out on Sundays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings. As you can tell, we pick the dinner hour when no one else is in the gym but us.

Oh my new car...what did Hank do?

I came home from volleyball yesterday and found the front grille in my living room. Oh my goodness! Hank installed the base plates for towing the car. It sure looked sad. Anyway, like the saying, "Get it done", Hank put it all back together. We will see.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Evening with friends

Mike and Pam are leaving this morning for Florida. They have loaded up their new coach, it looks great. Pam is going on a cruise, so Hank made her a little cake with a boat and Bon Voyage on it. I forgot to take a picture until we started muching on it.
We had steaks and king crab. What an awesome dinner! As you can see, Eva is still licking her fingers while we all watch her eat the last leg.Good job on the food guys!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

In our spare time

Lillie decided to make something for the grandkids, Ansley and Gabe. The car blanket is for Gabe and the kittens for Ansley. I hope they will enjoy their own blankets. Hank is making Nolan and Aiden their own blankets too!!

Saturday Fish Fry at Ronnie's

All our friends headed to the park entrance around 12:30 to take pictures. What a group of friends. I won't show you the ladies hiking up their pants legs and doing the can can....very unladylike.

Then we headed over to Ronnie's for a "fish fry". We had salmon from Alaska, shrimp from the Gulf, scallops and squid from New England. We had so much food and to top it off, the guys did all the cooking.

Amazing with about 30 people there and we had left overs.

Early Saturday Morning

Our busy morning started at 7:30. Instead of garage sales, we have patio sales in front of your RV or park model. Diane, Kay and I combined all our junk together and had a really fun time selling stuff. Kay lived next door and had a lemon tree. I suggested we pick some (which are huge) and sell them for .25 cents. She sold about 30.
We had a fun morning!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Jan. 9

Just a note for all the rest of the country!!! We are in shorts, I am playing water volleyball and Hank is golfing. Wish you were here! Come and visit.

Friday Night

As I explained earlier, the ride to Tennessee and back was - - - -. So, my sweet husband decided to buy us a new car. The seat have heaters, it is awesome on my back. Thank you Hank. Plus, we have lots of room for company. I love the GPS, you just talk to her and tell her where to go and she listens.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Palm Creek

This has been a busy week since we returned from Tennessee. The days are flying by!
We enjoyed a great dinner with Bob & Marlene before they left to Quartsite. We have rented a small storage spot and have made several trips there with stuff I brought back from Tn. I finished up league Volleyball for the fall season and my Team, the Volley Vipers won big time 40-8, can you believe it?
I was picked yesterday for team leader for winter season too and we drafted our team. I am very excited about our new team!
I have been doing yoga twice a week and will restart working out with my personal trainer, April today. Yesterday, Hank and I rode our bike on my first small trip only a couple of miles, but that was enough for the first time.
Hank and I picked out more material for his quilt and decided to expand the lap to a queen size cover. We cut out the material last night.

We that is all the update for the week so for except taking a 5hr. CPR class today.
Love ya'll...later!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well, on our return trip home I got another surprise. My ex-husband invited us to Christmas. Believe or not, I was very excited. Both my girls and my Mom were there.
Christmas Eve Rebecca made some great soups! Christmas morning we all opened presents, Mom got her knitted shawl, Ansley her knitted scraf, Katherine and Rebecca both got their scrap books Mom put together from Birth until now. We played twister, candyland, Ansley rode her new bike, Gabe played with all sorts of remote trucks and mortorcycles.
The girls all pitched in to make a Fantastic meal for lunch. Everything (way to much) you can imagine to eat.
Harman's mother came too! It was like the "good ole days" (lol).

Merry Christmas!


I haven't written in 2 weeks...alot has happened. We got a contract on our house and made a quick (I do mean quick) trip home. We drove 1900 miles in 3 days to pack up our personal items and store them. Then another 1900 miles back and did I mention IN THE CAR? Ouch!

Anyway...very productive 2 weeks home.

When passing through Alabama, we stopped in at Cracker Barrel and met up with My sister Suzanne and Steve. It was so good to visit with Family. We enjoyed it so much and miss you guys terribly.