Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oklahoma City

We arrived today and decided to go to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. This was actually pretty awesome. They had a real town inside the Museum, with a jail, bank, merchantile, hotel...all sorts of things. Plus awesome paintings, a beautiful garden with water fountains. Saddles, spurs, guns...well you get the picture. We really enjoyed this.

On our return back to the Rv, we decided to go by the Alfred P. Murrah building where Timothy McVeigh blew up that building and damaged 324 other buildings. Very moving place.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Night out with Friends

Last night we had dinner at Paula Deens'. We are going to need a wheelbarrel to push us around. Dinner was enjoyable with Gary, Greg and Tina (our first time meeting Tina), and Doug and Debbie. You must be so careful eating Paulas food because almost everything is either fried or soaked in butter or lard. lol.
Anyway, we had a nice evening and now will continue our journey west.

Monday, September 28, 2009

On The Road Again

We made it to Tunica, we will meet up with friends today and spend another night in Harrah's Casino RV Park. We are going to Paula Deen Buffet this morning for breakfast. I guess Hank and I will start our diets tomorrow. lol. Last night after getting settled, we went to the slot machines.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

US Pipe Reunion

Saturday we attended the US Pipe Reunion. Hank had a great time with old friends. He spent 35 years with this group of people, Wow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't mess with Lillie

Katherine reminded me to use peanut butter on the trap to get a mouse and it worked.
Next time, you won't mess with Lillie! It kept taking the cheese, not anymore.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lillie goes to DC

Wednesday I arrived in DC, Katherine and we decided not to fight the 5 o'clock traffic and walked the Potomac River and enjoyed a nice dinner. We had fun catching up.
Thursday we went to Panera Bread for lunch, then got a massage and facials. We went to Macy's and did a little shopping.
Friday, Donna, Katherine and I caught the Metro down to DC. We went to the Holocaust Museum. We spent about 3 hours down there. If you haven't been there, it will make you very humble. The stories told were amazing. The room where the shoes of the many that were gased, gave you chills. We came home fixed a great dinner and played Phase 10.
Saturday, first thing, Katherine and I walked to the farmers market, shopped around. Later in the afternoon, the girls walked down to the movie "Love Happens" very depressing. Afterwards we walked to dinner at "Sushi" and shared many different dishes.
Sunday, we had a quiet time sipping coffee, playing with cats and just chit chat.
I had a wonderful time with you Katherine...thanks so much for a wonderful trip.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Turkeys in the backyard

Isn't that just cool seeing those turkeys in your backyard? I just thought I would share with you guys.

Impressed with my Husband's Talents

There is no end to what this man can do! He has made 3 tote bags and 1 purse. Each time they are improving. He even put a zipper in the purse, Wow. Girls eat your hearts out. Men you can tease all you want...this guy is comfortable in his shoes. I am so proud of him.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party at Bobby's Place

Hank and I drove to Atlanta today to visit with my Mom, Bobby. They were having a party for little kids. We fit in perfectly, especially Hank with his "Cotton Candy". I think he ate 3 of them, yuck. Of course, Mary and Bill let Mikey eat anything he wanted, cookies, chips, cotton candy, and hot dogs. I gave Bobby her shawl I made for her and she loved it.
We spoke with old friends from Palm Creek today and are getting excited and ready to go. But first, I am heading to DC on Wednesday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Monster Created

One of my closest friends created a MONSTER in my house! Who is this masked man? His energy and excitement is bubbling over...thank you Sis! I hope you are all looking forward to homemade Christmas presents this year .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poor Buddy

Remember a couple of months ago Buddy had "Valley Fever"? Well he had a growth on his head from his experience. It was getting larger. Today he had surgery, it was really deep and wide. He is doing ok tonight with help of some pain killers. Poor baby.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Farewell to Indy

The last day in Indy brought great surprises. Karen won the first round and Steve Lost, so Karen moved into the top 10 for the count down to one. We were all very excited! Debbie and Doug were great to be with for 2 wks. Debbie cooked the most awesome meals. We can scratch another item off our buckle list, "Going to Indy and parking all weekend on pit row." WOW what an experience. Thank you so much guys...we really appreciated your hospitality.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shawl for my Mommy

Hey Guys...this is the shawl I have been knitting for my Mom while at the races.
What'ca think? Ansley says, "it looks like a jellyfish" and it does!

Sunday afternoon and evening

Karen qualified number 10, so she is in the big race for today, that is if the rain holds out. Again, engines started cranking up around here at 6:30...what a wake up call.

Last night we all went to St. Elmo's Rest.,the entertaining part of the evening was watching everyone eat shrimp cocktails with the hottest horseradish I have ever tasted. Hot! Ouch! Sinus cleaner.
Great evening with friends and hysterical stories that keep us in stitches.

Can't wait until MONDAY- Happy Labor Day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

13th day at Indy

Good Sunday Morning! We attended a service at the race track called, Racers For Christ. Larry and Linda Smiley are so energetic! We enjoyed his sermon very much and the music was very lively.

Off to the track we go at 11am. I am sure we will have a great run.

12th day Indy

Well, what can I say but it has been awesome! Today Karen was in Ringers Glove contest, unfortunately, she lost her round but she is in top ten.

A new and upcoming racer, Katie Sullivan has been using our coach to change into her leathers. She rides a Pro Stock Motorcycle and is only 18. WOW! She is such a nice, talented young woman.

You know some of us, are like little children when we are at the races, right Phil?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

11th day-Indy

Today is the first day of qualifying, it will begin around 6pm. Everybody is really looking forward to that.

We had a surprise visit! Danny and Lydia stopped by and visited with Hank most of the afternoon. He had a great time with friends. They walked all around the track talking cars, visiting pits and talking with racers.

In one of the pictures, you can really see what I can see through the RV front window, cool huh? Cars cars everywhere...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Debbie cooked some awesome meals. This woman is totally amazing what she can do!! She is like a "Martha Stewart" except I think Debbie could run circles around her. She does everything!

The other picture is of Maryanne and Pam watching for Karen to race down the track. Unfortunally, the other racer knock out Karen's timing light, and a great run was thrown out. We will try again today.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Party at Lucas Tent

We all were invited to the Lucas tent for a party. Karen, Bob, Maryann, Phil, Billy,
Lisa, Doug, Debbie, Gary, Eric, Hank, Lillie, Greg, and Jim. They had a really great band...which some enjoyed dancing. The bar was open, so that was enjoyed too!
The rest of us ate the food and watched the people.

I am a party pooper these days and left at 9:30, Hank arrived at 10:30 and the closers (nameless) came home at 11:30. Now, how do I know that??? Somebody came to my window and gave me a wake up call. I Wonder who that was??

10-day Indy

Today there was an open house at the John Force Racing. Of course, we had to go!
The shop was so clean it was unbelievable. John came over and said hi. Lisa, never got her picture of John, he runs around all the time.

After the open house we heading over to pick up Bob, Maryanne and Karen. We had a car full then with Jim, Lillie, Hank, Lisa and Doug.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9th day-Indy

Well, the girls were very disappointed we didn't get to go to the dairy, it closed Sept.1. so we decided to go to the Indian Museum. Very interesting! Janice, Maryanne, Debbie and little ole me enjoyed every minute. We had a nice lunch along the river.

Meanwhile, the boys took the coaches over to the track. We are on the line with the racers, parked right beside a semi truck. How cool is that? Boy is it loud! The puppies aren't to sure about all the noise, the race cars go right beside our coach and in front of us. Hank is in hog heaven!!

8th day-Indy

I can't believe it!! Hank complete quilting a tote bag for me,isn't it cute? I put my yarn in it.

Today, Maryanne, Bob and Karen arrive and I forgot to take a picture. I made a big pot of chili for dinner and had a delious desert (I forgot the name) Maryanne brought.

Tomorrow is a big day...the girls are going to a huge dairy farm and the boys are moving the RV's to the race track.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You know, I know sometimes I can be boring when I speak but I have never had anybody fall asleep right in the middle of my story. Debbie deserves a catnap, between Hank's quilting and Apple computer lessons, me knitting she has run herself to death. YAWN...guess I will take a nap too!