Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mar Jong

Tonight I played Mar Jong with my friends: Donna, Bev, Jane and Ann. Bev sat in tonight and learned how to play. She will be taking my place when I leave Friday with our little 4-some. There is always next year girls! Hey I even won once!

Cook E Jar

Our Friends from N.C. Peggy and Jim, came over and picked us up for lunch. They treated us to lunch at the Cook E Jar. Since Hank and I have been sick for over 2 was great getting out.

Today we went to the Cook E Jar for lunch. It is suppose to be one of the recommended places in Casa Grande to eat. It was very good!

Death by Chocolate

It was busy last night for us. We attended a play directed by a friend, Randall. The actors were residents of the park. Several of our friends were in it! It was really cute. Valarie, Ann and Pam are enjoying the evening.

On our table were chocolate candies, and you could get a chocolate latte to go with it! They really were trying to kill us.

Donna's Birthday

Last night we had a little celebration for Donna's 60th birthday! She also just completed radiation treatment for breast cancer. Thank you Lord! Prayers are awesome!
Donna and her husband-Mike are the friends that have children living in Ooltewah,Tn.
Can you believe that? We drive 2,000 miles and meet fellow Tennesseer's!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eloy Skydiving School

Hank and I drove about 15-20miles down the road to Eloy. Their Skydiving is known all over the world especially for their wind tunnel. We watched 4 guys do all sorts of things from diving and floating, to acrobatics! The winds can reach up to 150 mph.

This is a display of a couple of guys floating around doing jumps over each other inside the wind tunnel.
It was fun watching these guys....they were really good.

The planes go up about every 30mins. taking jumpers. We watched them land right in front of us...very cool. Beautiful, clear day! Hank and I both still have our coughs, but I think we are on the road to recovery. Yeah.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stir Crazy

Well, it has been a week since Becky and Jerry left and a week of being sick and stuck inside. I have greatly improved but Hank is still coughing and still on an antibiotic. I hope today will be a turning point for him. I went to Dr. yesterday and he ran some MORE test and will let me know results next Thursday...the night before we leave for home.
While I have been homebound, I have played next years adventure. We are going through St. Louis, Kansas and then 1 month in Colorado, 1month in Utah then to Becky's, New Mexico for Balloon Rally and return to Casa Grande for the winter!
Sounds like a plan!

Hopefully, I will have more to write about this week and the weeks to follow. I also hope the weather will be good and no snow storms to drive through.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sicker than dogs

I got laryngitis last Sunday when Becky and Jerry arrived, it has been downhill since they left. I got this horrible deep cough, so after we dropped them off at the airport Thursday, I went to the Dr. He put me on an antibiotic for sinsus infection and a strong cough syrup for the night. Unfortunately, a week later, I still can't talk and I am still coughing all night. Now, since Friday, Hank has gotten the same thing but he has a sore throat. Why is he able to talk? He says it is a blessing that I am quiet!! We have been bed ridden for 2 days! The weather is gorgeous and I layed in the lounge chair, reading a book until I had a coughing fit and brought the neighbors out gawking!
Please keep us in your prayers...the entire resort is passing this thing around. We are among the youngest in the resort and this has hit us hard. I hope I get my voice back before Friday, my appt. with Rhymotologist. take care

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pickleball Tournament for "c's"

Becky, Jerry and Lillie played in the tourney. Out of 35 people, Jerry came in first. He shouldn't have been in C's anyway! Oh was good experience.

This is a picture of Becky and Rita getting ready to go play.

such fun!!

Golfing with Professional PRO-Hank

I was so proud of my husband! He and Jerry went to play the 18-hole golf course here. He came home with such a nice high score--I was so proud of him for playing with a professional like Jerry.

Today, they are up at the Gym working out, while I am being a bum posting the news.

Take care....

Mexican Train

Last night Jerry learned how to play Mexican Train. He didn't want to play but we finally talked him in to it with our friend Peggy and Jim (N.C.)Guess who won??


Yesterday, we played couples pickle-ball. Hank and I beat Becky and Jerry, that was fun for us.

Last night, we went to Cynthia's for a great Mexican Dinner...Very Awesome!

Shuffleboard with Aunt Becky

Here is Becky with all the old Geizar's...I tell you, she looked like a pro whipping up on all those ole men.


As you can tell, we are very serious Bingo players. We had a great time but no Bingo winners here tonight, just lots of fun.

Monday, Picacho Peak State Park

Here is Jerry climbing the side of the mountain, working hard to get to the top.
Rita had a fear of heights, but Hank and Jerry coaxed her up! They made it! We are so proud of them. It was a very difficult climb.

Hank, Jerry, Becky, Lillie and my friend, Rita (65) decided to climb Picacho Peak.
I had laryngitis and Becky was getting over a really bad sinsus infection. The altitude made it hard for us, so at the last stop before cable-climbing cliff, we decided to head down the mountain. We had a nice picnic and the jacuzzi looked mighty fine for the evening entertainment.

Sunday, Becky and Jerry arrive from Atlanta

As you can tell, RV's really are built for 2. We McNair's are familiar to camping on floors like RV and Houseboats, remember? Becky and Jerry are real troopers, they blow up their bed every evening.

After arriving, Becky and I went and played water volleyball, then we submerged ourselves in the hot tub. Hank and Jerry went on a tour of the place while we played.

Then Becky and Jerry had lessons on how to play pickle-ball, very funny watching tennis ball players trying to bounce a woffle-ball.

Later on they learn to play Hand and foot (canasta).

Mystery Dinner Theater

Saturday, Hank and I went to dinner and who done it? We were to all dress like golf players. The dinner was excellent with veal and wild rice. Lemon desert and wine!

I was so exhausted from several rounds of pickle-ball, Hank and I left early before knowing who done it?!!! Hahaha typical Ole'people.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mexican Train

Our old friends, Peggy and Jim arrived from N.C. this weekend. We had them over for dinner Sunday and shared a nice bottle of wine from Nova Scotia. We also compared new memmories of experiences full-timing.
Then Monday night, Bingo provided only intertainment and no money for either couple.
Yesterday was a craft fair, then we played Mexican Train. Jim almost won but was over taken at the last hand.

Today, I get medical reports, hopefully, Hank is playing pickleball, then a pizza party tonight and Mar Jong for Lillie with new friends.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Phoenix Coyotes vs Anaheim Ducks

Last night the resort offered us tickets to an ice hockey game, so Hank went to his first game (other than Treys'). We drove a bus over to Phoenix! We also received a free t-shirt and hat! Very Cool...we slipped our shirts over our other ones, cause it was cold and put our hats on and we looked like Real Fans howling for the Coyotes.
They not only went in to overtime, but we went to a shoot off. The Coyotes won!
While we were there we caught a bite to eat and the bad news, Hank has been sick all night and I haven't felt that great either. I hope we'll both improve this morning not only to go to church, but our friends arrived late last night from N.C. It is suppose to be a busy week. Yuck...just went outside and it is raining, what next??

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lawn Bowling

Today Hank and I were walking down to the clubhouse and the lawn-bowlers were there in their whites. Most are from Canada! We just had our cell phone so the picture isn't that great, but I thought it was neat....all in whites!