Monday, February 25, 2008

My Mom's big BD

It was so nice to be around family again. It has a long 10 months without family gatherings for us. To be with all my sisters, Becky, Suzanne, Mary, my brother, David and especially my Mom.

Most of the grandchildren and great grandchildren were there for a big celebration.
Mom received Lorretta-the frog!! Somehow she got put away in a storage shed. Poor Lorretta!

Katherine almost didn't make it when they cancelled her flight. But she hung in there and got a late flight, but she made it.

We celebrated a wonderful BD and David made us all a CD with Photos we all collected over the years of Mom and Dad. We had pictures of her as a little girl too! Very Cute.

Well Happy Birthday Mom....we will be there for you 100th too!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

On the road to Recovery

After being sick since Jan. 13, Hank and I finally are starting to feel better. This has been unbelievable. I have never had anything like this before. We are hoping to feel well enough to attend Church tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are truly Blessed again, Sunday night we stopped around 6pm at the Al/Miss state line rest area for a nap. We both woke up around midnight and said let's go ahead and drive. We don't like to drive at night and try to avoid it if we can. We were approximately 270 miles away. I wasn't much help driving this leg with all the coughing I was doing. But as we listened to the weather channel we were just in front of those awful thunderstorms. We received a light rain in Alabama I-20 to 59 safely home to Chattanooga.
Yesterday, I went to the Doctor to see why I was still coughing and I now have Bronchitis. Geez!! A strong cough syrup and a new antibiotic should hit this thing!!
It is really strange to walk in an empty house! Both of us laughing, no bed! So, I blew up the air mattress I bought for the Loyd's to did they sleep on this thing, haha! Anyway, not an hour after we got home, our phone rang. The couple that looked at house 1 year ago, is still interested but still haven't sold their house and wants to look at it again this weekend.
We decided to get our stuff out of storage cause I did save one thing "our bed". LOL

God really has taken care of Hank and myself-we are truly Blessed.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mill Creek Ranch RV Park & Cottage Resort

Hank and I decided to stop early for the evening just beyond Dallas in Canton, Texas.
We found this really nice resort that is only 1 year old and with the Good Sam card it was only $28. for the night. It is 200 acres and they are really planning for the future. So if anybody is driving I-20, it is a great stopping place for a day or week. Not much to do in the town, except weekend there are some flea markets.
Their website is

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Our first night on the road! After spending 3 months not driving, it took a little getting use to again. We took it easy the first day and drove to Las Cruces. We are now on our second day out, stopped at a rest area in Texas. We decided to have some lunch, put up the dish (communicate with the outside world) and have some lunch.
We don't know how far we will drive, but Monday we play to be in Dallas and catch up with some relatives.
So far, everything is back to normal...the dogs are behaving, the cat threw up this morning. It got a little motion sicknes with Hank driving I-10. The roads are gross!
We will be on I-20 before the end of the day.

The picture above is of Mexico, we are driving so close that Hank took some pictures. It looks so poor and so poluted. A yellow haze line just hangs over the city.

Take care...I will write later.

Our last night at Casa Grande

We had a great evening. Pam and Bud came by to wish us well, with a nice bottle of wine. After that, we joined Ann and Steve, Aase and Tom at Cracker Barrel. Since Aase and Tom are from Canada, they tried a couple of new Southern Things like: Okra, turnip greens and corn bread. They didn't like any of them, can you imagine that?
Then we girls challenged the guys to several games of hand and foot. The guys beat us the first set by 750 points but the second set, the girls cleaned they clock by 7000 points.
Such fun, we sure going to miss everyone!