Friday, April 29, 2011

Adventures with the Girls

A spur of the moment trip for formed to go get some more beads.

Picking up Mona, Jaylene, Pam, Kay, then stopping by Pams'.
She had no makeup, jewelry, hadn't even brush her teeth. LOL.
We all climbed into my 7 passenger car, which Hank wondered, "why in the world to we need 7 seats?" Right!
Off we went, to bead stores all over town, including antique stores.
Then finally, we needed nourishment, at the Big House Cafe.
Excellent lunch. Then we continued our shopping trip. Great fun girls.

Finally to end our evening: Steve & Ann, Ken & Kay, Lillie & Hank played pickle ball. Boy, was I out of shape but we had a great time at 6:30, 91 degrees.

Fransico Grande Dinner

What a nice evening to start celebrating early, I might catch up to Marlene. ( I doubt it). We were all given bogo coupon. There were twelve of us enjoying prime ribs, steaks or salmon.

Thanks for the nice evening folks.

The "Bodacious Beaders"

Today the women of the "Bodacious Beaders" club, made bracelets, rings, ear ring. We just had a great ole time...then came the wine.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Easter! Hank and I went to early service at Church, then on an Easter Egg hunt and a yummy meal of ham with friends in the park.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pizza Party

Kay and Pam had a pizza party. When all was eaten, some of the girls decided to play cards. We had a really great time.

Surprise Gym...Happy BD

We had a surprise Party for Gym...He was really surprised. What a great evening at Ken and Jo's.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Making bracelets with the Girls

One day this week, Kay, Debra, Pam, Jo and I made bracelets, drank a few Margarita's and enjoyed each others's company laughing and stringing beads. Here are two of the results.

Kay and Ken's

Kay and Ken need no excuse to have a party...they had parties 3 nights in a row. Geez. This one was because Ken's brother came to town.

Time for a little golf

Now that almost everyone has left, Hank and I are having a little time to play some golf. We also went over to David White's course and hit some balls.

Farewell Pizza Party

Time to say farewell to some more good friends. Tom and Ossa, Joe and Sue, Dale and Louise...we will see you all next year. Have safe trips over the summer.