Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home at Palm Creek

Second night home and we had a wonderful dinner with friends who also just returned from summer adventures.
Then Hank and I started working on our storage shed, which is more like a Cassita or mini kitchen. Very cute huh?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saying farewells to friends until Palm Creek

Of course while in Hot Springs, we stopped and visited our friends and next door neighbors Jim and Jaylene. This is their home for the summer. It was a short visit because we leave this morning, but we enjoyed hearing and sharing summer adventures.

See you soon in P. C.

Bathhouse Row

One of the many closed down bathhouse is used for a museum.

The Fordyce house has all the original equipment use for the hot baths and spa. Beautiful tiles, marble and stain glass.

McClard's Bar-B-Q

While we touring the Museum, we read that Bill Clinton has this favorite place to eat in his home town. So, what the heck! We enjoyed lunch with all the locals and saw tons of pictures of famous people that had eaten there. Very good.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hank and I found one of the many HOT springs along a walking trail. The water was 140 degrees. PRETTY HOT.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

When we arrived, we decided to climb Hot Springs Mountain Tower. The view of the whole town was very neat. Plus it had a nice history of what went on in this town. It had a lot of gangsters that eventually shut down most of the business near bath row with their illegal gambling.

Leaving Tunica, Mississippi

After a wonderful week at Tunica, we said our good-byes to Paula and our piggy bank for gambling. We headed over the mighty Mississippi River to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cheap entertainment

Hank and I had an interesting morning. Outside our coach, we noticed the water tower was leaking a lot of water. They called in a crew to repair. It was fun watching them hang up side down to patch the leak.

Our second entertainment (drama) for the day, Buddy and I were watching the guys sitting on the picnic table and all of sudden bees came out from under the table and attacked Buddy...I undid the leash and ran and called Buddy inside. He was stung about 6 times (at least) and the bees were stuck to his fur alive also flying in the coach. Hitting them with fly swatter and pulling them off him. I gave him immediately Benadryl. Eppy pen on hand. Poor Guy! By 5pm he seemed better and this morning, he is fine.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Willows Gun Club

Today Hank and I went and shot sporting clays today. Hank did great, Lillie not so hot! We had a great time and probably will do it again tomorrow. I'm glad we brought our guns with us this time.

We are staying at Harrah's Mid South RV park until Tuesday at $14. a day, what a deal!
Paula Deen enjoyed us visiting her for breakfast this morning.