Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Ansley and Gabe

I received our Christmass box from Ansley and Gabe and laying on the top were the cutest turkey' done with their hands. The are hanging on the side of our refrigerator. Thank you so much. I put the rest of the present on the table in the living room. I will decorate our tree on Friday. It won't take me long it is a small tree. Great pictures kids! Thank you
I am going to try and go to the UPS store and mail your presents tomorrow. I hope you all will enjoy. One present can be opened Christmas Eve. It was your MOM's.

Congratuation on winning second prize on your art work. It was so artisic. You both did a great job. I am so proud of you both. Grammie loves you and misses you.
Becky ,Hank will be home on the Sunday Dec. 5 or 6 if you guys want to come up and go to church with him on Sunday, Sunday School or spend the night Saturday. You can get with him. He probably could use some help packing up stuff moving things around.
in our words, a girls way! (lol) call him on his cell phone. Molly maids coming friday with Agent.

Anyway keep that thought. Love you. MOM

Farewell to our friends

Debbie and Doug headed out Friday morning. I went back to my regular routine. Volleyball League was at 11:ooam. I wasn't feeling so hot today even though our team won 5 games. After loosing the first 4 games, we are on the longest winning streak they have ever had "12" wins! Awesome.

Well Friday night I went down hill coughing myself to death. I actually pulled out our new sofa bed and blew up the air mattress. It is really comfortable and ready for company. But tonight it was all mine! I watched TV and Coughed all night. First thing Sat. morning I went over to the Dr.'s. Wearing my newly purchased MASK so I won't get anything worse and save some sick person from getting my junk. Amazing how many people were afraid of me. Anyway, I have bronchitis with a temp. of 102. I was given an antibiotic and cough syrup with codeine. Saturday, Hank went to a fish fry without me he called to check on me he said I have, " a little tickle in my throat". So, all day Sunday and Monday Hank had layed in our bed coughing and coughing. Until finally someone had to take to Dogs out to potty. The Golf cart came in handy because I was really weak. My fever broke Sunday and feel much better. But I wasn't able to Coach my team today in Volleyball. The still won all 4 games!!YeA!

We are supppose to go to Bob and Marlene's for Thanksgiving but I gave them a head up just in case this "Palm Creek Crud" lingers. I am so hungry for real food instead of jello, soft boiled eggs, ginger ail, soups (all kinds).

My house has been lysoled, cloraxed and germs thrown away! We will be well by Weds.
MY GOAL>>>>>

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hanks' Quilt

Hank's quilt is coming along. New week he will be sewing all the cut squares together. This quilt is called a "toss 9" because those squares of 9 will be cut, tossed and re-sewed back together. Cool huh?

Low Country Boil

Last night a great dinner. Shrimp, corn, sausage, potatoe & onions, fried corn bread, and dessert. Boy, you put a lot of Southerns together and you get a great feast and great friends.

Buddy, had a bad day and ended up at the Vets and is on medication again. Poor baby.

Thursday was a busy day

Our Golf Cart arrived today, so Debbie and I went for a couple of drives around the park, Buddy loved it.
Debbie and I also went to Yoga/Pilates class. We learned to lift weights properly expecially with back problems. I enjoyed April so much I hired her to become my personal trainer for the next couple of months to help strenghten some of those weaken muscles since surgery. I am excited.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Volleyball

I don't know if you guys are aware, but I am Captain of one of the Volleyball Teams.
Volley Vipers! We are tied with 10 wins. There are 8 on a team with 6 playing and rotating on the serves. This is a picture a friend took on me playing. I am usually the one taking the pictures. You notice I have to wear a vest. My metal gets really cold in the water.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BBQ Festival in Surprise, Arizona

Saturday, a bunch of us went to the BBQ festival. We tasted briskets, ribs, much I thought we wouldn't fit back into the cars.
Pam, Bud, Donna, Mike, Ann, Steve, Hank and myself enjoyed a cold beer after all the food. It was a very enjoyable day.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Hank and I both had a busy day. He is working on his lap quilt. Then played golf with the guys afterwards. I went shopping then played volleyball. Last night cocktails over at Ronnie's then we went to dinner at Nancy's. She introduced us to new friends, and we revisited Craig and Debbie. The girls all knew Hank from the sewing room. They All know Hank!
We had a great time. These guys all fly remote control airplanes. That got Hanks attention. Great night.

Happy Birthday Jim

As you get older, I notice we do some silly things. Marlene bought us all BD hats to wear for Jim's BD. Peggy did a great job cooking dinner, the rest of us supplied, Baked beans, pototoe salad, carrot cake.
Happy Birthday JIM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hank's first quilting lesson

Yesterday, I got a quick glance at Hank watching the instructor give lessons on cutting the material for their quilt. Bob also stopped by. He also came to the pool to watch me play volleyball. All the girls tried to get him to come as he was....
Today, Hank goes in around 8:30 for his first sewing lesson. Good luck

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Evening with Friends

Yesterday, our friend Ronnie smoked a pork all day and shared with friends. We all brought something to contribute. There was potatoe salad, green salads, slaw, baked beans, and all kinds of desserts. We had a great time socializing and meeting new friends.
After dinner, several went up and played pickleball.