Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rainy day in Oceanside

Today was another rainy day. We walked down to the ocean, which is about 1 mile away. Had a nice lunch then decided to start working on our quilt. We have been waiting on a rainy day and haven't had to many of those.
Today I also took a bad tumble crossing the street. Landed on my hip, knee, elbow, head and wrist. I shook it off and Hank and I finished our walk, before my surgery, I would have never have survived that kind of fall. Thank you Lord.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oceanside, Ca.

Yesterday we left San Diego and moved up the coast just a little bit. We are in a small town near the ocean. It is 68, and people are in the ocean. 3 weeks ago, we were in the Atlantic, Daytona, laying in the sun and swimming in the ocean with Grandchildren not in the Pacific...brrrr, it is way too cold.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Balboa Park

Another beautiful day! We packed a picnic and went to Balboa Park. With 14 museums, and the zoo we weren't bored one minute. We enjoyed a great car museum with Nissan-old Datsuns. Walked all over several miles of parks. Had a geat picnic on the lawn.

Point Loma

Yesterday, we drove up to Point Loma, one of favorite spots from previous visits.
Just as we walked up to the ledge, a ship came by with helicopters escourting them out of the bay. What a fantastic sight!
We then did something I have done in awhile. We hiked down from the top, to the ocean wall. This was a real accomplishment for me since my surgery. Then we walked back up higher on the hill to view the lighthouse. 70, windy,sunny! An awesome day,
Thank you Lord.

Coronado Island

Hank and I drove over to Coronado Island, walk around the interior of the Old Coronado Hotel, very beautiful. Then walk around the downtown area.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


From Arizona to California...we were checked 3 times!!

Last night in Casa Grande.

Yesterday we woke up around 4am and took a walk around the park. We played pickleball at 6am (my first time in over a year and half). Then I played cards with the girls, hand and foot.
Then Last night, Hank and I went over to Larry and Avis and learned "U got Jokered."
Hey guys this is Pegs and Jokers with another game going on in the center. Bob, this will keep your mind thinking and a real challenge.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Casa Grande, Arizona

We are sitting here in the overflow parking at Palm Creek, on black pavement and the temp. is 108...thank goodness we have our shades. The airs (all 3) are running constantly. We are up at 5am taking our walk around the park, and do all over chores really early. Last night we played P & J at Marlenes' and Bob, we each won one game.
Great dinner and great company. We will get our mail this morning and probably hit the road early Tuesday am.
I've got to get in the habit of carrying my camera again.

MCD, McKinney, Texas

What a great job MCD did installing our new shades! But of course, we ended up with a little more than just shades. Notice the beautiful wood trim on top of the blinds, it matches the wood in the coach..looks great.Thanks again Peggy and Jim for being a great host.

Monday, June 14, 2010

An Evening of Pegs & Jokers

I could hear Bob all night saying, "Customer." The girls won the first game, boys the second. We missed you Bob and Marlene.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A day of shopping

Peggy, Jim, Hank and little ole me went shopping. First, Camping World. Then down to a huge mall with tons of shoppers. Of course, the Apple store was there. In the center of the Mall was an ice skating ring...very cool.

Later we went to Joe's Italian Bistro, excellent dinner.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

McKinney, Texas MCD

Hank and I arrived safely in McKinney. We be here most of next week getting our blinds installed. They have been waiting on us several months. It is good seeing Peggy and Jim and will be catching up with them this weekend.

Saturday morning, we headed to the local farmers market for some fresh fruit and veggies. Very enjoyable morning. Tomorrow am, we will have some fresh blueberries.


We didn't stay in Arkansas very long.

Heading West, again

Upon leaving Chattanooga, we came across the Bannaroo festival in Manchester, tn. The traffic was unreal...both of the sides of the highway lined with cars.

We stopped in Tunica,Ms. to visit with Paula Deen and a little gambling.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tracy and Family

Tonight we ate dinner at Amigo's with Tracy, Tony, Abby and Michael. Boy have they grown. Had a great time catching up and can't believe it will be a year before we see them again. Farewell good friends!

Trav-L-Park, Chattanooga, Tn.

It is really weird coming back to Chattanooga and not going back to the house.
This will be our home for a week, and future visits.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disney Town

You would think after a day of being in the sun and water, you would be exhausted (I am) but no the kids wanted to go to Disney Town. So, off we went with looming dark clouds. I forgot my camera, oh no! So, pictures aren't great but we did get to go to Lego and on the boardwalk they had games and dances for kids. Ansley and Gabe jumped right in there. From electric slide, to getting things from people in the audiences like a scavanger hunt. Plus we had to visit M & M and fill up on those. Energy!
They had a ball and didn't want to leave 2 hrs. later until thunder started booming!!

Typhon Lagoon

Tyhon Lagoon was awesome! The four of us children spent the entire day playing in the water. We rode, easy, hard and family inner tubes down the shuts. We climbed to the highest point and layed on our backs(me too) and flew down the pipes. We relaxed in tubes and floated around the Lagoon. We took on the huge waves of the beach, over and over and over, crashing upon our heads.
We laughed so hard, especially about Hank. He always got dumped on by the waterfalls overhead.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Evening at the campfire

Grammie forgot the marshmellows but the kids still got to see Chip and Dale and sing songs with them.

Disney World

Our first day at Disney World, we rode the boat over from Camp Wilderness to Magic Kingdom. There are too many pictures to post. We rode every ride. Walked every path.
Raced cars, watched the parade with every character(in the rain), saw fireworks at the castle. Ate until we threw up!
What a great day!