Sunday, September 19, 2010

Marlene & Bob's

Tonight we went to Bob and Marlene's for dinner. Yummy! Later we played Pegs and Jokers with Rod and Jean. Nice evening with friends...We missed you guys!!!

Hoover Dam

Heading to Palm Creek from Vegas, we decided to go across the Hoover Dam. The new bridge is almost finished so it will probably the last time we cross this way. Lake Mead is very sad, the water is extremely low, people better start watching their water usage.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hank and I have been very busy. We have washed and waxed half the coach, caught up on laundry, run errands, shopped...walked malls etc... so last night we decided to do a little "night life".

We actually went up the Eiffel Tower, a little gambling, then over to the Bellagio for the water entertainment. We have an exhausting but enjoyable evening with lots of walking watching people.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today was one of the experiences I won't ever forget. Hank and I rented wet shoes and hiking sticks and walked the Narrows. You walk 1 mile up the riverside walk, then straight into the River. You walk about 80% of the time in really cold water, climbing over big rocks, deep water, and silt.

We walked approximately 3 miles. Some points, the water is up over your knees. This was the hardest 3 miles I have done...the current is going in the opposite direction pulling you hard down the river. What an amazing time we had. We stop had lunch and some trail mix. The view AWESOME. I was very fatigued on the way back, the wind was picking up and I was relaying the clothes back on. We were almost finished when I fell in...boy was that water cold. brrrrr. Yes, I fell all the way under! It just makes the trip more exciting to tell, right? Great Long Day!


Yesterday, Hank and I hiked until we were just flat worn out. The main hike was to the Hidden Canyon, climbing higher and higher above the Weeping Falls, looking down over Zion park. This climb was switchbacking up along a face of a cliff to the mouth of a narrow canyon. It took about 3hr.

We didn't make it to the very tippy top...but oh so close. (I don't like hanging on to chains on cliffs.)

Later when we returned home, we took Buddy for a walk down to the River. He loved swimming in the small pools. Hank had to hang on to him..the current was strong. Great day with God's creations.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Antelope Island, Salt Lake City

Today Hank and I went to Antelope Island, surrounded completed by the Great Salt Lake. The island consist of 28,022 acres. We hiked up to Buffalo Points. What a gorgeous view! The wildlife is protected and has something for everyone, birds and ducks, deer, buffalo, coyote, sheep...anyway we had a nice picnic facing the water. The weather 90 degrees, but windy and bugs weren't too bad.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Yesterday I was very busy. First I went to the Family search. I have downloaded all the family tree back until the 1100's. It can be found at Now you kids will have forever.Also, worked on another branch.

Next, Hank and I took a walk around Temple Square.
Last, last night I had another appointment with Apple for a One to One class....I am becoming nerd on my MAC. (lol)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Leaving Montana, Idaho

I think we left Montana just in time. It started raining today, turned very cold. On the tops of the mountains, there is snow. Awesome. So, we are now heading south...stopped in Idaho to see the Lava rocks, sink holes etc...very cool. We arrived in Salt Lake City. We will be here awhile to take my Apple classes and to work on Genealogy tree. Going to be a fun week.