Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

I had a wonderful birthday! Momma Ann fixed a great dinner for Hank, Davy, Aiden and was yummy.

I am 59 for those of you asking!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Aiden

After Debbie and Doug left, we went over to Sandy's to celebrate Aiden's 4th BD.
He had a great party! Hank enjoyed being with his family. I struggled putting toys together for Aiden.

Weekend with Debbie and Doug

It seemed no matter what Hank and I tried to do, we couldn't seem to make our plans work for us. Just maybe God's plans weren't our plans and we weren't listening. Be still! Be quiet!
So, Hank and I cancelled all our plans this week. Debbie and Doug parked in the driveway (which by the way, is opened for all friends, 50amp, sewer and water). We had a great time visiting, dinning out, working on Doug's coach.
We celebrated the twins birthday, Lillie and Debbie's. Next year, for the BIG 6 0, we are going to have to do something big time.
Now they are off to Missouri for the races this weekend and we wish them luck.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Close out the weekend with Grandchildren

Sunday Morning we got up really early to go to Sunday School and Church. Then I prepared lunch...afterwards a walk through the park and fly a kite. The wind was perfect!
Then we watched a movie and played Wii.
Time to drive back to Atlanta and maybe a McDonalds on the way.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Day with Grandchildren

Today started early with a T-ball game for Aiden at 9am. Then we went to a park by the Tennessee River for a picnic and play time on a hill. After that we went on a train ride over the River, through the woods. To finish off the evening (or to finish off Hank) we went to McKay Book store for videos then Imagination Station to play on the swings and a walk around the Park.
They have finally taken baths and are watching a movie (quiet time).

Happy Birthday Momma Ann

Hank baked a birthday cake for Momma Ann with pink roses! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Day in Atlanta

Saturday I drove to Atlanta and picked up Katherine. We went to visit my Mom for a little while, then drove over to the Chattahoochee Nature Center to meet up with Rebecca and grandchildren. We had a lovely picnic by the river, played on the swings, threw a ball around, then took a long hike.
After a 2 mile hike, we decided to go to see the animals at the Nature Center. We saw an Eagle, Hawks, several different Owls, a Beaver, turtles, snakes, a possum,
and walked some more!
We had a great afternoon.!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Noland and Aiden Visit

Hank and I haven't been this worn out in along time. Our day started early, with meeting Tracy for breakfast at Crackerbarrel with the kids. Aiden ordered pancakes and fried okra. What a breakfast of champions!
Next it was off to Walmart to buy some toys since Grammie's house doesn't have anything in it. Thank goodness we were reminded at Aunt Becky's about 4-squares, because we played that atleast until 8:30 pm.
Of course Wii is still a big hit but Grammie needs some new ones!
Brother Dean (from NY) came into town today too, it was like a "Corbitt" renunion.
Grandda(Hank), Davy (son), Dean (uncle), Aiden and Nolan (grandchildren) all playing 4-squares.
Hank cooked us hamburger and hotdogs on the grille. It is funny living in the basement with a perfectly good house upstairs.
Anyway great day Guys!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in Atlanta

First thing I realized after being away from my family so long is how large we are growing in numbers. There were 3 baby girls born in the last 6 months. There were nieces and nephews I hadn't met yet! There was so much going on at Aunt Beckys' you can't imagine. 4-squares (which I played), badminten, bridge, campfire, Easter egg hunt, and eating everytime you turned around.(in the picture the men are in line to eat)

My Mom and her sister, Sarah (both in their 90's) we there enjoying so many kids!
We also celebrated Ansley's BD, (my granddaughter) who turned 8 on April Fools!
Thank you Loyd's for a great way to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.