Monday, March 9, 2009

My Best Friend Tracy

Hank and Tracy have been Best friends for atleast 10years. They walk together all the time when we are home. Keep it up guys!! They walked 4 miles today!

Church Staff Improv Night

Hank and I had a great entertaining night at Church. All the staff, including our Pastor participated in the improv. One of the funny things that had us laughing our heads off was when they all put panty hoses on their head with a pototoe hanging on the bottom. They then try spinning around trying to pull the hoses off the over peoples head without using their hands. It was so funny.
Anyway, we had a great time, alot of laughing and great cookies!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take a hike

It was such a beautiful day, temp. in the high 70's, so we decided to take a hike.
It has been a really long time since we have walked and it was a gorgeous day!

"Kingdom Living" women's retreat weekend

This weekend I attended a retreat for the women in my Church at Fall Creek Falls. We had a great time studying His Word. There was a pampering time about 11pm on Friday, and a great time getting to know some of the women I hadn't met before. Judy and I got a hand and foot massages. We all played games such as Mexican Train.
The meals were yummy, none of us were going to starve while we studied. The staff keep this large group of women (58 people) supplied with plenty of snacks in between.

The bus ride to and from the meeting was entertaining with the "check engine light" coming on climbing those mountain roads.

I wanted to tell you some stories that happened, especially about my roomie Judy, but I was told, " What happens in Fall Creek Falls, stays in Fall Creek Falls."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

End of a great weekend

Our weekend came to an end, after tornados, pouring down rain, and freezing nights.
The picture is of the last night we were there, a midnight dinner of filet and chili was served.
The filming continued until the wee morning hours of 5am... I didn't make it that long and went to bed around 1am...Hank stayed up until around 3am watching them film and race down the track.
We had a great weekend...thank you so much for a memorable time Doug and Debbie. You are such great host. We can scratch this off our "Bucket List."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Commericals at the Race Track

Monday was a very exciting day. It started off with Karen doing some test runs. We got to stand right on the starting line next to Gary who pushes the button to "Go" after Karen lights up the tree.
Next,since Karen and Lucas are both on the Geico teams this year, we were invited to eat up in the Hospitality tent of Lucas Oil. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then because they were filming, btw...lasted until 4am. Tues.morning they had a steak and chili dinner at 11pm.
Poor Karen, it was so cold and they kept filming over and over.Brrrr.
There is a cute picture I snatched of Lucas and Karen showing off their Geico leathers.
We had such a great time sharing this experience with such great people. I am sure Hank will relive this experience for along time. Thanks Debbie and Doug!
This commerical isn't ready just yet, but you will be able to view it at:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

At the race track

We had a very interesting day at the track. Debbie and I had alot of stuff to give away to Karens' fans. Karen was so great to all the fans signing everything they put in front of her. She posed many times with lots of children. Her motorcycle which was blue last year, got a bright new yellow color. The big rig they travel in is getting a new wrap around on Weds. Wish we could be here to see the end results.

Hank and I also stayed busy installing new tiles on the mat that goes in front of semi. If you notice the one with bike sitting on it, it is Blue. In the second picture, they are now that bright yellow. Hank did most of the work...but some of us gals helped too and we have broken nails to show for it!

Last night we went to the Catfish House for dinner. It was really great! Today the weather has turned really cold. Debbie and I combined efforts and made a huge crockpot of chili for tonight.