Saturday, May 31, 2008

Drag races and more

Hank and I also got to see the Budweiser Clidsdale horses, very cool.We are now in Colorado..tomorrow we should arrive in Colorado Springs where we will stay for about a week.

Topeka, Kansas

Hank and I stopped in Topeka, Kansas not realizing that just down the road was a Drag Race. So, we decided to stay at a campground for a couple of days and go watch qualifying on Friday. There were alot of people there! We had a wonderful day and the weather was gorgeous, even if it was a little warm. I am going to try out my first video, excuse the beginner! Woke up the Sat. am hearing the weather was going downhill fast, so we decided to get a move on "Auntie Ame there is no place like home, so get this thing a movin." Just in case you forgot, Kansas is home of Wizzard of Oz!

Friday, May 30, 2008

St. Louis, Missouri

Weds. night we stayed in Kentucky, then it was just a hop and a skip over to Illinois We weren't there long either, but crossing over into Missouri was beautiful. The Arches, as you can see, really welcomed you into their state.
We stayed overnight in Kansas and plan on resting for a couple of days here. While we are here, if it will quit raining we are going to the Drag Races tonight! Yes, they just happen to be racing in Topeka (now is that a coincidence??)
I will try and post some pictures later tonight, have a great day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off we go...heading west !

Colorado, here we come! I am so excited we are finally hitting the road. The worst part is facing the fuel prices but I am not going to let it burst my bubble. We will spend most of June in Colorado, then Utah, then finally Nevada. I have missed my grandbabies and can't wait to see them.
I hope ya'll enjoy the upcoming events...I know I will. I will miss you all and will see you next year!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seneca, South Carolina

What a wonderful visit with Mary and Bill at their new lake house on Keowee. It was a beautiful drive through the mountains and we arrived looking at this huge house on the water. Beautifully decorated by my sister, Mary (of course). We had a wonderful dinner, went for a boat cruise, played Hand and Foot (women won!). Next morning, we went on a short walk through the neighborhood, then decided to go over to NP and see the waterfalls! Very pretty after the rains last night. We went back, played more cards, and ping pong! By this time I was worn out...I crashed and the rest of them continued talking upstairs. Thank you for a great weekend Miz!

Oh..a PS, my sister in law Pepi had her only sister die Saturday night, funeral Weds. Please keep her and her 3 boys in your prayers. God Bless!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lightning Strikes!!

Sunday, 5-11-08, Mothers' Day! 2:40 in the morning, lightning hit our house. We jumped out of bed, looked around then layed back down and said, "wow that was close." 1 minute later, the fire alarm sounds, then the burglar alarm screams, now we are really scrambling to get out of bed...dogs are running between our feet, we are tripping. We can't get the alarms off, no buttons will work on alarm system, geez!
Finally, an hour later, we lay back down thinking of the things that are not working, like our phone, alarm....then the garage door opens by itself and we can't shut it except manually. (must be miss minet)
We are up at 5am checking for damage!! Anyway, Hank started getting out his test equipment, and tools! He was so excited!! I haven't seem him this excited in months (lol) he would check something out, leave his tools...go to another project, leave more tools, pull out ladder, leave more tools...move on upstairs then downstairs. This is what he did at work, start a project then they would move him to another project. He was loving this until he saw how much it was adding up to...finally he said, "call our insurance company."
Yesterday, we were able to get out and check the RV, guess what? It got hit too!!!

The Bright side, God Blessed us with having the alarm system hooked up(within the last month) and waking us up with the smoke!! We are all just fine!! Thank you Lord!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A visit from the sisters

While Jim and Peggy were getting their car jumped off, the phone rang and it was my sister Becky. She and Jerry, and my other sister Suzanne and husband Steve were heading home from Gaitlinburg. I was excited!! They brought food and great company!
This was Becky's first visit to our home. Suzanne and Steve left before I thought about taking pictures but I snatched one of Becky and Jerry.
And guess what we did after lunch....?? Played Hand and Foot

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A visit from Peggy and Jim

Peggy and Jim came to visit us for a couple of days on their way home from out west.
We began with a spaghetti dinner, then drove around town, and ended watching "american Idol."
Today we started out going to Hunter Museum, then walking aross the Walnut Street Bridge over to the carousel, then up the hill to the Art Bluff District...finally lunch. After lunch we went up the Incline to Lookout Mtn. at Point Park, where we stood thinking about the civil war and playing with the old cannons!

Also, what would a day be without going where all RV'ers go..Camping World?? Ha Ha!

Tonight, we taught them how to play Hand and Foot!! The girls were stomping the boys, when they quit on us!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

U.S. Pipe Reunion

Today Hank and I went to Camp Jordan for lunch after Church. Everyone brought a covered dish, so you can imagine all the food! Hank got to see all his old buddies from work. We had a good time re-visiting the good ole days. Here is a picture of Hank and Larry chatting!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me-April 29

I had a fantastic BD. Hank and I had a busy morning in Chattanooga,then headed up to Knoxville to have some oversprayed paint removed at the dealer. While we were there, we met Katherine over at Texas Roadhouse for a nice dinner, then went back to the RV and played a round of hand and foot. What a nice evening! While at dinner, I also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Rebecca.

Thank you girls and family for cards and gifts!!

P.S. Hank gave me a new camera, it is so tiny it fits in my jean pockets! Very cool!