Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cecil, Georgia

We are finally on the road again! Last summer in Salt Lake City, we met Deb and Doug at a campground. They are really into NHRA racing! As you know, Hank is too! We really enjoyed their company and have met up with them a few time since. This weekend is going to be an awesome treat for Hank and myself. We are with the GEICO racing team of Karen Stoffer. We arrived yesterday at the South Georgia Motorsports Park. We arrived first and were able to watch pro-mods,snowmobiles, and motorcycles.
The others arrived later in the evening but all arrived safely. Today is going to be a busy day, with pictures (yea pictures). Gary (Karen's husband)had a long drive with his Semi-trailer. They are from the Nevada area. We visited them last summer too while I was with my grandchildren.
Anyway, guess we will get is 7am..late for us. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2nd class decorating cakes

Hank and I had a second lesson decorating cakes. You can see my cake in front, they look like first graders but is for fun. Hank and I both did a lot of laughing, especially making roses!
We brought the cakes home and stacked them on top of each other...the recipient, DAVY. Davy and the guys at his work will surely kid us a lot about they way it looks.

weekend with Katherine

Katherine flew down from Maryland, so I drove to Atlanta for a girlie weekend. We shopped until we dropped! Since she is with Marriott, we got a hotel room and pampered ourselves. Had dinner and breakfast Sunday in bed. Then we went to see a "chick flix". Of course we went over to my Mom's and Katherine had a great visit. Mom has come a long way and had to show off how she could walk down the hall without her walker or cane.WOW. She is getting ready for another BIG milestone. BD in 2 weeks.
I miss my little girl but I love our times together.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cooking with Hank

Hank has really been amazing this week. He has made from scratch...a coconut cake, scones, praline (it is very hard to make candy) now last night, cupcakes. None of these have been out of a box. I just might enter him on the foodnetwork.
All that weight I lost is creeping back up there and I wonder WHY?