Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Hoover Dam Bridge

Here we are crossing the new Hoover Dam Bridge, it just isn't the same. Heading to Vegas.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sam's Town, Las Vegas

We arrived yesterday in Las Vegas. We have never stayed here, but it is really nice. We ate at Billy Bob's last night and saw the laser show in the hotel. Today, I am going to an Apple class to learn how to use my new I-phone 4-s. lol

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grand Canyon

Flagstaff is just beautiful. The leaves are changing color and the leaves are falling on the ground. The days are beautiful, but the evening is cold.

Today we went to the Grand Canyon and had a wonderful trip. Walking the rim was beautiful. Then we ended the evening with watching the I-max movie about the Canyon.
We had a wonderful trip. Tomorrow we head for Las Vegas.

Side trip to Sedona, Az.

What a different way to see Sedona! The day started off cool, but warmed up rapidly. We had a great guide-Cher. She gave us much freedom to hang back, take pictures etc... There were only 3 couples. We had over 3 hours riding through the dusty desert. We were like a bunch of teenagers, doing wheelies.

There was one time we saw a snake and were taught to put it in the middle of your wheels so it won't strike your legs. Hank did just that. Debbie and Doug, who were behind us never even saw the snake,lol. Today we are going to the Grand Canyons.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Great dinner at Ben's

We had a great evening with Ben and his family enjoying their beautiful home and great Tex-Mex food. Thank you!

Meeting Wally in the bedroom

I actually got to meet Wally who was hiding in the bedroom. Karen won him in Denver at the Bandimer race track. Very Cool.

A fun weekend ahead with "Karen Stoffer" team!

Debbie and Doug arrived for their first and probably only motorcycle race in Phoenix at the Firebird track. As always, we have had a great time so far. Yesterday we went to the gun range to shoot an AR-15, 12 gauge, pistols, 22's and some heavy duty stuff. It was really exciting! We had a great time.

Saying Farewell to Buddy

I haven't written on the blog in awhile, due to my sadness of loosing Buddy. It was very hard saying good-bye to a truly wonderful friend. He and I went through great trials and blessing together for almost 13 years. Good-bye friend-I miss you so much.